August 26, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission, jointly held a national SAIC to stop collecting individual business management fees and terminal market management fees (the “two”) to television and telephone conference, State Administration for Industry total Wang Dongfeng, Deputy Secretary for the specific arrangement of the stop levying the “two charges” work. He said that on Sept. 1, 2008 start, the national business system of any unit, any individual for any reason continue to be charged or collected in disguise, “the two charges.”

Three departments jointly held a video conference, the purpose is to implement the State Council approved, by the three departments to formulate and issue the “stop the levy on individual business management fees and management fees bazaars informed about issues,” the spirit of arrangements for the deployment of Business Administration management system to suspend collection of the “two charges” and improve the protection of industrial and commercial administrative department funding the work.

At the meeting, said Wang Dongfeng, industry and commerce authorities at all levels of the three departments to be issued according to the “individual businesses on the cessation of collection of management fees and management fees bazaars issues notice” requirement, on September 1, 2008 start to stop all collection terminal market management fee and individual business management fee.

National business systems of any unit, any individual for any reason to continue to charge or collect in disguise, “the two charges” effectively implement the provisions of the document. Wang Dongfeng said, Those who fail to stop the levy regulations, “the two charges” or fees disguised continue to be dealt with in accordance with state regulations, and to hold the unit and directly responsible for the administrative responsibility. At the same time improve the supervision mechanism set up hotlines, complaint boxes, etc., all sectors of society and consciously accept the supervision of the masses and strictly prevent the violation continues to charge fees or disguised.

National newspaper the last two years received numerous letters and phone dealers agricultural consulting, business management fees reflects the charging around the different standards, cost burdens and other issues. This newspaper has summarized the relevant issues and with SAIC to communicate. September 18 last year, a press conference, the issue of management fees for the business questions, SAIC executives promised to give a satisfactory answer recently.

It is understood that on individual businesses and the practice of management fees charged are based on 80 years of last century the relevant provisions of the State Council, the historical conditions at that time had a positive effect. Individual business management fee charges according to the profitability of individual businesses or to determine the total revenue.

Engaged in buying and selling activities, according to the turnover of 5% to 15% of the fee. In 1998, the implementation of business systems, “expenditure” in management, the “two-cost” income from non-tax revenue finances an important part, in fiscal budget management. However, as China’s market economy, improve and enhance the development of the overall market in recent years because of the fees fair, standards, applications and other issues into question. CPC Central Committee and State Council always attach great importance to industrial and commercial administration and care, the State Council on the cessation thereof, “the two charges,” has made important instructions on many occasions.